How To Change or Reset UPI PIN: Phonepe, Paytm, and Google Pay

We all knew that every Payment app has a Unique Passcode, which is used while making any transaction, in technical terms, it is called UPI PIN. Changing it frequently will give you an extra layer of security and there will be less chance of forgetting it. If you don’t know How to Change UPI PIN check this article completely. We explained the process of changing or resetting the UPI PIN for three major UPI apps used by Indians.

What is My UPI PIN?

While registering on any UPI payment app the customer will be asked to set a 6 Digit or 4 Digit code to make transactions, this is called UPI PIN. Customers can set any kind of number as their UPI PIN. The important thing is that they should always enter this PIN in order to make payments through the app.

What to Do If I Forget My UPI PIN?

Forgetting is human nature, if you forget your UPI PIN then you should not be worried, customers have the flexibility to change or reset the UPI PIN whenever they want. The process also won’t take time by following small steps within a few minutes you can change the PIN. Follow the below-given guide on How to Change UPI PIN on different payment apps.

How to Change UPI PIN
How to Change UPI PIN

How to Change UPI PIN in Phonepe?

  • In the PhonePe app your profile settings are placed on the top left side, so click on the profile icon
  • Head to the payment methods section, now select the bank account you want to change the UPI PIN
  • In the UPI PIN section select the Change option, and now enter the new PIN twice to reset it.
  • You can now use this new PIN for future transactions

How to Change UPI PIN in Paytm?

  • If you want to change the UPI PIN in Paytm then open the app and click on the profile picture present on the top left side
  • Click on profile settings then click security and privacy
  • Now in new page select change UPI PIN
  • On the new page your UPI Accounts will be displayed
  • Click on Change PIN option on the account you want to Change
  • On the new page enter last 6 digits of Debit Card and expiry date and year then click proceed
  • After that enter your desired new PIN two times
  • Now onwards your UPI PIN will be changed you can use this new PIN for payments in Paytm

How to Change or Reset UPI PIN in Google pay (GPay)?

  • On the google pay app, you can change the UPI PIN by clicking on the profile picture present on the top right side corner
  • Now Tap on the bank account, tap on the account you want to change the PIN
  • Click on forget UPI PIN, after that you need to enter your card details
  • Here you have to enter the 6 digit code it will be your new UPI PIN

How to Reset UPI PIN Without Debit Card?

If you want to reset or change the UPI PIN you must need your debit card. The process of changing the UPI PIN requires entering the last six digits of the card number and the card’s expiry date. So if you lost your Debit card then you have to apply for a new debit card, once you received it you can change the UPI PIN.

This is how you can change or reset the UPI PIN in most of the payment apps used in India. If you have any doubts then write us, for more banking-related queries follow regularly.

  1. 1. How Many Times Can I Change My UPI PIN?

    There is no limit to changing the UPI PIN, you can change it a number of times.

  2. 2. Are there any charges for changing UPI PIN?

    There are no charges for changing the UPI PIN.

  3. 3. Once I reset my UPI PIN, how much time does it take to use the new one?

    Your new PIN will work immediately there is no waiting period

  4. 4. Is UPI pin and ATM PIN same?

    No, UPI PIN and ATM PIN are not the same but customers can set the same code for Both

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