How to add Beneficiary in HDFC Bank?

If you wish to send money from your HDFC bank account to a friend or family member. That person Should be on your beneficiary list in your account. Once you’ve added a beneficiary, it will be easy to transfer money to someone who has an account with the same or a different bank. If you have Internet banking access then you can easily add beneficiary to your account. In this article, I will teach you How to Add Beneficiary in HDFC Bank accounts, By using the Net Banking or Mobile Banking apps from HDFC Bank. All you have to do is add the person as a beneficiary to your account and keep their account details close to hand.

What are the details required to add a beneficiary in HDFC Bank?

If you have a beneficiary add to your account, You can transfer money to HDFC Bank accounts and also those who have other bank accounts. If you want to use net banking to send money from your HDFC bank account to a friend or relative, you must add that person as a beneficiary on your account. After adding a beneficiary, you can rapidly transfer funds to someone who has an account at the same or a different bank. To Add Beneficiary in HDFC bank, you need the account details of the person. Ask for the below given details before adding someone as a beneficiary in your HDFC Account.

  • Beneficiary’s name as it appears on the account
  • Account number
  • IFSC code
  • Branch information
  • Contact Number

All required details to add a person as beneficiary. Payments can only be transmitted to the selected recipient after the “beneficiary” has been added and the recipient’s bank account information has been provided. You will need the net banking and mobile banking features on your account for this.

How to Add Beneficiary Using NetBanking?

Following are the steps mentioned below to add beneficiary in HDFC Bank Net Banking.

  • Enter your net banking ID and password to log in to the website. Next, choose “Funds Transfer” before moving on to “Request” and “Add a Beneficiary”.
  • To Add beneficiary in HDFC Net Banking, select “Funds Transfer,” then select the “GO” button after selecting the “Transaction Type” drop-down option.
  • Select an account and a beneficiary, then complete the necessary fields (for new beneficiaries, provide their account number, bank, and branch IFSC code).
  • Verify that everything is correct before continuing with the procedure.
  • After you click the “Submit” button, an OTP is sent to the phone number and email address you provided during registration. 
  • By entering the OTP to verify your amount.
  • The beneficiary will be added if the bank approves your request. Once a request is submitted, the bank normally takes a half-hour to approve it.
  • Within an hour, a transaction could be completed, and money could be sent to the beneficiary.

How to Add Beneficiary Using HDFC Mobile App?

Here you need to understand the following steps to add Beneficiary using HDFC Mobile App.

  • Open the HDFC Mobile Bank app, and enter your customer ID and password or Quick Access PIN.
  • Choosing “Transaction Type”  under the Funds Transfer section.
  • Select the ‘Add Beneficiary’ option to add a beneficiary.
  • Fill out the form with the beneficiary’s contact information and bank details, then click the “Submit” button.
  • After Submission, An OTP is sent to your registered email address and mobile number.
  • When adding a beneficiary to your account, use the received OTP to confirm the request with HDFC Bank. The beneficiary is added after the bank accepts your request.
  • After a request has been submitted, the bank must wait 30 minutes before approving it. After an hour, you can complete a transaction and send money to the beneficiary.

HDFC Beneficiary Activation Time

Through the net banking and mobile banking you can easily add beneficiaries in HDFC bank. After adding a beneficiary, you need to wait for some time to activate it. You need to wait for 30 minutes to get it activated. You will get an SMS and email once the activation is complete. You can use HDFC bank net banking and mobile banking for IMPS/NEFT/RTGS mode of transactions for free of cost.

New Beneficiary Transfer limit HDFC

The newly added beneficiary comes with some transfer limit. Some period of time, there is a transfer limit imposed by banks as per RBI guidelines. This limit is done to reduce fraud transactions. HDFC’s new beneficiary transfer limit for the initial 24 hours is given below.

  • For the NEFT, the transfer limit of the new beneficiary is INR 50000/-
  • For IMPS, the transfer limit of the HDFC new beneficiary is INR 25000/-
  • For the RTGS, you cannot do any limit of transfer within 24 hours.

You may transfer the funds after 24 hours up to your third party transfer limit. Your limit can be adjusted based on your requirements.

Final words

So you now under stood How to add a beneficiary in HDFC Bank. I have covered details required to add a beneficiary in HDFC Bank. There are two ways to add a beneficiary in HDFC bank through net banking and Mobile app. I hope this guide has helped you to Add a beneficiary in HDFC bank. If you have any questions feel free to ask us in comments, Visit our website frequently for more HDFC Bank related articles. 

  1. How long does it take to add a beneficiary in HDFC?

    The time taken HDFC bank beneficiary activation takes 30 minutes post being added.

  2. How much can I transfer after adding beneficiary HDFC after 24 hours?

    There is a limit to how much money you can transfer within 24 hours in HDFC. RTGS and NEFT both allow for transfers of up to Rs 50,000.You can use RTGS and NEFT to send up to Rs 2 lakh after 24 hours.

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