How to Get Your ICICI Credit Card Statement?

The purpose of the ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement is to provide you with a monthly summary of all the charges you have made throughout a billing cycle. The statement includes your payment history, the minimum amount due, the payment due date, the closing balance, and a lot more information. The statement is an important document that needs to be carefully and timely reviewed. It keeps track of how your credit card is used, which makes it easier to check any fraudulent activity or potential billing errors. You can check your ICICI Credit Card statement via online and offline methods. In this article, everything you need to understand your ICICI Bank credit card statement is provided.

Both online and offline modes are used to check your ICICI credit card statement with various methods easily. There are:

  • Through Net banking
  • Through Mobile banking
  • By visiting the branch
  • Through post
  • Through phone banking

ICICI Credit Card Statement Online

Your ICICI Bank credit card statement is readily available to you online via mobile or net banking. The steps listed below must be followed in order to download your credit card statement:

Through Net banking

  • Access your ICICI Bank internet banking account by logging in with your registered mobile number or user ID.
  • Open “My Account” from the menu and select the “Credit Cards” option.
  • Now select the “Service Requests” menu item and move forward.
  • Then select the “Credit Card Statement Request” option and select your preferred date.
  • The screen will show your credit card statement, which you can download in PDF format.

Using Mobile Banking

  • Use the Play Store or app store to download the ICICI Bank iMobile app.
  • Enter your PIN or fingerprint to log in.
  • On the main screen, select the ‘Cards & Forex’ option.
  • Click on ‘Credit card number’ and then click “More Options.”
  • Choose the “Previous/Last Statement.”
  • Select the statement date and obtain your credit card statement for download.

In addition to the online option, the bank also offers the ability to check your ICICI credit card statement through offline mode. You can do the same thing by contacting the phone banking number or by going to the nearest branch. Following are the details regarding the ICICI Credit Card Statement Download offline.

Through Phone Banking

  • Call the ICICI Bank credit card customer service numbers are 1860 120 7777/1860 120 6699/ 1800 103 8181/ <STD code> 3366 7777/ +91-40-7140 3333 (domestic customer traveling overseas) and enquire about your credit card statement.
  • After providing some information for authentication, your request will be handled. Please take note that you must use your registered mobile number to make calls between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

How to Check ICICI Credit Card Statement With Bank?

Visit the ICICI Bank branch that is nearest to you and get a copy of your credit card statement from a representative for a specific amount of time. You may also need to submit the certain credit card-related information and a valid ID verification, following which the agent would give you your statement. If you have an account with the ICICI Bank and have an ICICI bank statement, you can download your credit card statement.

Through post

You can ask the bank to send your hard copies of your credit card statements from ICICI Bank. After that, physical copies of your statement would be sent by the bank to the address you registered.

How to Enable ICICI Bank Credit Card E-Statement?

A digital version of your credit card bill is called an e-statement from ICICI Bank. After the bill is generated, the bank sends it to the email address you registered. To receive your ICICI credit card statement via email, any of the methods listed below can be used to register for the e-statement facility:

Net Banking

Use your ICICI Credit Card Statement Password and ID to log in to your net banking account. Request e-statements for your ICICI Bank credit card by sending an email.

Mobile Banking

Download the iMobile app from the Play or App Store. Register on the app and navigate to the credit card area to obtain an e-statement for your credit card.

Customer Care

Call the credit card customer service line of ICICI Bank and make a request to receive your monthly statements through the email address you registered with. 

Final Words

All of the above methods are explained in the ICICI Credit Card statement. In addition, through this article, we have covered how to get an ICICI Credit Card Statement. In both online and offline modes to download your ICICI credit card statement through net banking, mobile app, by visiting the bank branch, through phone banking and via post. And also we covered how to enable the credit card E-statement through net banking, mobile banking and customer care. This guide has helped you to check your ICICI credit card statement in both online and offline modes. If you have any doubts or queries, ask us in the comments space. Visit our website frequently for more ICICI-related articles.

  1. How frequently will I receive email credit card statements?

    Signing up for email statements allows customers with savings accounts to receive a monthly account update. ICICI Bank current account customers can choose to get their statements via email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Monthly e-statements are sent by the company to credit card holders.

  2. Do I need to pay to avail credit card statements via email?

    One does not have to pay to receive credit card statements via email because the bank offers this service for free of cost.

  3. How can I download the Icici credit card statement in PDF?

    You can download your credit card statement in PDF format for future reference by selecting the ‘Download’ option after seeing it online with ICICI Bank. Usually, the statement is password-protected for security purposes. After entering the correct password combination, you will be able to download your ICICI credit card statement in PDF format.

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