How to Activate ICICI Debit Card for Online Transaction

So you got your ICICI Debit Card and trying to purchase something online when you try to make payment it will be failed. This is because RBI has given the guidelines to banks that by default they should not enable online transactions, but if the customer wants then they can enable it by using the iMobile App or Internet Banking service. If you don’t know How to Activate ICICI Debit Card for Online Transaction, my simple guide will help you.

How to Unblock ICICI Debit Card for Online Transaction

There are two methods to Activate ICICI Debit Card for Online Transactions, use any one method as per your convenience.

  • Use iMobile App
  • Use Internet Banking

Benefits of Enabling Online Transactions

There are a number of benefits to the user if they enabled online transactions on their debit card. If you regularly do online shopping it will be very easy to make payments if you enabled online transactions.

iMobile App to Activate ICICI Debit Card for Online Transaction

If you already have this app installed on your phone then you can use it, complete steps are given below.

  • Open the iMobile App and log in with 4 Digit PIN and Tap On Services Button
  • On the Next Screen tap on Card Services and then Modify Debit Card Limit
  • Now Select the ‘Domestic’ option and then ‘POS & E-Commerce’ finally set the card limit then click submit button

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Use Internet Banking to Activate Online Transaction

Another Method of activation is to use ICICI Netbankning Services.

  • Open the official banking website and use net banking login credentials 
  • On the home, page menu select Cards & loans and then select Debit / ATM Card
  • On the new page select Manage Card Limit
  • For the final step select, ‘Domestic Limits’ here change the online transaction limit to desired value then click on Submit Button.

If you applied these steps then you can easily enable online transactions on your ICICI Debit Card. Ask me if you have any difficulty following the above steps, and you can find answers to ICICI bank-related questions on my website

  1. 1. Is There Any ICICI Debit Card Online Transaction Limit?

    Yes, there is a transaction limit for online transactions

  2. 2. Are there Online Transaction Charges in ICICI Bank?

    Customers can use 10 free transactions for one month, if this limit exceeds there will be charges according to the transaction

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