ICICI Debit Card Block: Follow These Simple Steps to Block lost Card

If your ICICI debit card is stolen or lost, then the first thing you have to do is block it. Once you block the card then no one can withdraw money from the card even if they know the PIN Number. There are several methods to block the ICICI debit card. In this article, we have explained How to Block ICICI Debit Card? Go through it if you still have doubts then ask us we will guide you.

4 Ways to Block ICICI ATM Card

  • By visiting the nearest ICICI Bank Branch
  • If you have enabled net banking on your account then you can log in to block the card
  • You can call toll free number 1860 120 7777 to block the card
  • Customers can also use iMobile App to block the ICICI Debit Card Block
Block ICICI Bank ATM

Block your ICICI ATM Card By Visiting the Branch

The easiest way for Customers to Block ICICI Debit cards is to go to the branch. Remember that you need to provide the debit card details to the officials.

  • Visit the nearest ICICI bank branch
  • Explain the reasons to block the card to bank executives
  • Tell them your account and card details your card will be blocked within a few hours
  • Once the card is blocked then you can apply for the new one in the branch

Steps to ICICI Bank Debit Card Block Online

Not many customers have access to net banking, if you are already using internet banking then ICICI Debit Card Block is very easy.

  • Open the website icicibank.com in any browser
  • Log in with your net banking user ID
  • In the menu select Customer Services then click on Service Request 
  • Here find the emergency services list, select Block Debit/ATM option
  • From the list select the card you want to block and submit the request 
  • Now your ICICI Bank Debit Card Block Online is completed and the card will be blocked immediately

How to Block ICICI Debit Card by Phone Call?

ICICI bank has 24/7 customer care service, so if you lost your card then you can call ICICI Bank Debit Card Customer Care Number 1860 120 7777 to block the card.

  • Make a phone call to 1860 120 7777 from the registered mobile number
  • Select the option to talk to customer service and tell them the issue
  • Service executives may ask for debit card details tell them they will block the card
  • Within a few minutes, you will get the ICICI Debit Card Block confirmation message from the Bank

Block ICICI ATM with iMobile App?

ICICI bank has an iMobile app exclusively available for its customers. Users can use this app to do most of their banking tasks. If you have installed the app on your mobile then use it to Block ICICI ATM Card.

  • Open the iMobile app on your phone and log in with your PIN
  • Go to Services and select the Card Services option
  • Click on the option Block ATM/Debit Card
  • Here select the card number you want to block and click submit
  • Now your ICICI Debit Card Will be blocked

So these are the ways one can follow to Block Their ICICI Debit Card, if you still have doubts regarding How to Block ICICI Debit Card? then ask us also you can share your opinions with us.

  1. 1. What to do After Blocking My ICICI Debit Card?

    Once you block the card you can apply for the new one by visiting the branch

  2. 2. How to Block ICICI Debit Card by SMS?

    As of now, there is no option provided by the bank to block the card by SMS, you can use any one of the methods given in this article.

  3. 3. Is the bank charge for a new card?

    No, the bank won't charge for providing a new ATM Card

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