ICICI Bank ATM/Debit Card PIN Generation: Use These 4 Services

If you got your ICICI Debit Card, then first thing you have to do is Generate Green PIN. Once you generate Green PIN you can set the desired four digits as your ATM PIN. It is also advised to change the Debit Card PIN Frequently for more security. For customers, the bank is giving 4 options for ICICI Bank ATM PIN Generation, if you don’t know How to Generate ICICI ATM PIN? we have explained all the steps below.

4 Easy Ways for ICICI ATM PIN Generate

By following any one of the four methods customers can change or Generate the ATM PIN for ICICI accounts. Each method of ICICI Bank ATM PIN Generation mentioned below is explained very clearly step by step in this article.

  • Can visit nearby ICICI bank ATM
  • Customers can use the iMobile app of ICICI bank
  • By using internet banking if you have enabled it on your account
  • Calling customer care number (+91 22-33667777)
ICICI ATM PIN Generation

Activate ICICI Debit Card by Using iMobile app

By using the iMobile app ICICI bank customers can do lots of things like transferring money, checking account balance, and more. Below will explain How to Generate ICICI ATM PIN using the iMobile app.

  • Open the iMobile app and log in with credentials
  • From the home page select the services option
  • In the services select card services
  • Now select Generate debit card PIN 
  • On the new page you have to select the account number from the drop-down list, then the debit card number, and enter the CVV number. 
  • Now customers have to enter a new 4-digit PIN in the Debit Card PIN section and confirm it by entering it a second time.

If you follow the above steps correctly then you will receive confirmation messages from ICICI bank.

How to Change ICICI Debit Card PIN in an ATM?

This is one of the easiest ways to generate the PIN if an ICICI Bank ATM is near you. All you need to do is visit the ATM and follow the steps given below for ICICI Bank ATM PIN Generation.

  • Go to the ICICI ATM and insert the debit card
  • On ATM Screen select “Generate ICICI Debit Card PIN” then enter your registered mobile number then click on ‘Yes
  • Enter your date of birth and click on ‘Yes’
  • Now you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number
  • In the next screen select “Already have on OTP” enter the received OTP
  • Finally, enter the desired four-digit ATM PIN and confirm it

ICICI Debit Card PIN Generation Using ICICI Netbanking?

ICICI Debit Card PIN Generation Online is one of the easiest ways if you have enabled ICICI Internet Banking on your account.

  • Go to the ICICI bank website and log in with your user id and password
  • After login click on “Generate Card PIN”, click on Generate Now Button under the ‘Debit Card PIN’ Section.
  • On the new page, you can see a drop-down menu select account number, debit card number, and enter ‘CVV’ along with mobile number then finally click on submit button.
  • On the New page enter, OTP received on the registered mobile number then submit it.
  • A new page will appear there you have to enter the new PIN and confirm it

Call Customer Care for ICICI Bank ATM PIN Generation

If you are not familiar with internet banking and iMobile app then you can choose this option of generating the PIN. You just need to call the customer care number for ICICI Bank ATM PIN Generation and follow the IVR and answer the questions accordingly.

  • Make a call to +91 22-33667777 from the registered mobile number
  • From the IVR menu select ‘Banking Account’
  • Select Generate Debit Card PIN option, enter your 16 digit card number
  • Customers also have to enter the CVV code and date of birth
  • Now chose to generate the PIN option then you will receive the OTP to the mobile number
  • The OTP will be valid for two days, so within the specified time you have to go to ICICI bank ATM to change the PIN

We have explained every possible way How to Generate ICICI Debit Card PIN? we Hope it is helpful for you and your search end here. For more information regarding banking-related queries visit indonline.net regularly.

  1. 1. Can I Change ICICI ATM PIN Online?

    Yes, customers can use internet banking for ICICI Debit Card PIN Generation.

  2. 2. How to Change ICICI Debit Card PIN?

    There are several options provided to change or ICICI ATM PIN Generation. Customers can use any one of the following methods visiting the ICICI ATM, using internet banking, and calling customer care.

  3. 3. Do I need Debit Card Number for Generating PIN?

    Yes, the customer should have a Debit card number along with CVV, in order to generate the PIN.

  4. 4. I don't have access to registered mobile number can I get OTP to an alternate Number?

    No, Bank OTPs are only sent to registered mobile number only. If you don't have access to the number you can change it by visiting the ICICI Bank Branch.

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